A Forum's Background Is Important

Does the background really matter?
To me it kind of does to a certain extent. It all depends on how you take advantage of it. Your background could make your forum pop or it could throw your colors off. 

Should You Put a Chatbox On Your Forum?

Ever thought about putting a chatbox on your forum? Alot of people have mixed emotions about them because they can help the forum but they can also hurt it.

Do You Allow Cursing On Your Forum?


Sometimes cursing  is just used in a fun way to tell a story. Other times it's used to insult others. 

My Favorite Thing To Post About

My personal favorite thing to post about is technology. Not only is it one of my favorite subjects, but it's just something you have endless things to talk about.

How To Make Your Forum Look Better

Most people say ‘don’t just a book by it’s cover,’ but that’s hard to do when you first load a forum’s page and it's just unappealing.When I see an ugly forum I just don’t want to be a part of it.